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NW London Cheerleading

List of teams at this branch

Toddler team (aged 3-4)

Tiny Level 0 (aged 6 and below)

Mini level 0 (aged 8 and below)

Mini level 1 (aged 8 and below)

Mini level 2 (aged 8 and below)

Youth level 0 (aged 11 and below)

Junior level 1 and 2 (aged 14 and below)

Youth level 2 (aged 11 and below)

Junior level 1 (aged 14 and below)

Junior level 2 (aged 14 and below)

Adults team level 1-2 (all aged 17+)

Worlds Programme

Please note that:

Age is determined by age as on 31st August 2019

A younger member may be chosen to be in an older team if needed.


Costs are worked out monthly and usually include competitions.  Depending on which team an athlete is in and how often they attend, they will pay anything from £30 to £115 per month.  On average, athletes pay approx. £75 per month to attend twice weekly and this includes everything except uniforms.


For those whose parent's are on a low-income, are eligible to apply for a scholarship, which provides 50% or 25% off of the athlete's yearly fee.  This is only currently available for those in the NW Cheerleading Programme and are only offered at the start of each season.


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