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(NW Branch Only)


Not everyone wants to be a Cheerleader and then some want to become better Cheerleaders.  Either way, these classes will teach you the fundamentals of the floor element of Gymnastics.  Open to both males and females, why not come along and learn how to bounce around safely!

This class is open to and encouraged, for all members of Angels.

Tumbling is the floor element of gymnastics. We do not teach apparatus e.g. bars, beam or vault.

Levels 0-1 Thursdays 5.30-7pm ages 5-18

This class is for athletes who would like to develop basic tumbles. Athletes can be complete beginners in this class.  Level 0 and 1 Tumbles- Currently working towards Forward rolls, Cartwheels, Round-offs, Forward and Backward Walkovers.

Levels 2+ Thursdays 7-8.30pm ages 6-21

This class is for intermediate to advanced experienced athletes.  Level 2 and above Tumbles- Working towards Front/Back handsprings, Tucks, Aerials and twists.   


Compulsory training wear is sold separately at an affordable cost and will be available to purchase towards the end of the year.

Tumbling Kit 2019-20 Girls.jpg
Tumbling Kit 2019-20 Boys.jpg



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