Our Programmes

All Star

Competitive teams who take part in between 1-3 competitions per season. These athletes attend approx. twice per week starting 16/9.


These teams are usually formed a couple of months into the season.  These teams will attend once weekly on Saturdays from 12-2pm and do not take part in competitions.  However they may perform at our end of season production. Recreational teams are more for fun and the cost is significantly cheaper.



These athletes will train up to 4 times per week starting 16/9, in preparation to compete in the United States in the next 3-4 years.  Please see the separate Information Pack for more info, however basic requirements at Try Outs are:

Ages 6-10 with a back walkover

Ages 11 to any age with a back handspring or more


This team starts the first week of October and is for athletes aged 3-4 (on 31st Aug 2019).  They may take part in a competition later in the season, mainly for the experience. They will be trained in Tumbling and Cheer.  Toddlers do not need to attend Try Outs.

Power Tumbling

These classes are for individuals who wish to train in Tumbling and not cheer.  They will learn flips, conditioning and flexibility.  The monthly costs will be significantly lower than cheerleading as only class fees will be included.  They are welcome to attend our other events/activities at an extra cost.   


We will not be travelling back to the United States until it is safe to do so.  Where we will take the Worlds Programme athletes and others who wish to come along to spectate at The Summit or Worlds in Orlando, Florida.

However, we have been invited by a dance programme in Grenada (Caribbean) to visit them next summer- July/Aug 2022.  We will lead a cheer camp there and possibly perform at one of their events.  This will not be compulsory, as the trip to the States will take priority.  However, it will be open for any member of any programme who would like to come along.


Our Masters Level 2 team is for athletes aged 17 to any age.  Prime have won every one of their competitions so far!  As reigning champions they train in both tumbling on Thursdays 7-8.30pm and Cheer on Saturdays 12-2pm.  These classes take place at our NW branch only and they perform at many events including being featured on Britain's got Talent.