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Our Values

The Angels Guide

Our Lifetime Vision

“To create empowerment opportunities for young people and adults”

Our PURPOSE (reason for being)

“To help others see that with determination, focus, perseverance and self belief, anything is possible”.



Recruit members of the community and train them to a high standard.  Instilling our MISSION, PURPOSE and VALUES along the way, for all areas of their lives.

Our GOAls

Ways to Start or end each practice or generally:

  • An ‘Empowerment talk”.  

This can include re-reading the Angels guides or part of it, our individual team goals.


  • Lift Ups’- In a group or in partners.  

Where the team ‘lifts up another’s spirits by praising them for something they did well at class” 


  • What I like about you…  This is when athletes sit in pairs and are given 30 seconds to tell the other ‘what they like about them’.


  • Provide the space to talk to a coach honestly without judgement or criticism.


  • Positive Affirmations


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