Thank you for your interest in The Angels Cheerleading Academy (ACA) All-Star Program. The Angels
Cheerleading Academy was formed in the year 2000 and continues to move into bigger and better things.
ACA sets itself apart from the rest by helping your child develop into an all-round confident, talented,
emotionally intelligent and driven individual.

We are proud of our athletes, not just for their talents but also for the behavior, respect and discipline that
they show to others. We are committed to giving them positive, life altering experiences that help them
grow into strong, powerful human beings. I hope that you will be able to travel on this journey with us, all
the way!

ACA athletes will be taught solid technique and strong fundamentals in all areas of competitive
cheerleading. Yet the most important lessons they will learn are the priceless life skills that encourage
These lessons are taught in a supportive, safe and positive environment. Our philosophy is simple:
greatness can be found in every individual. Once found, focus on that will have the individual grow
into a great human being.

The sport of competitive cheerleading has moved well into the 21st century. The cheer athletes of today
perform a 2 đ minute routine consisting of acrobatics coupled with dance, tumbling, and show-stopping
attitude! All-star cheerleaders are amazingly strong athletes, who must execute their routine with a smile
on their face. ACA not only trains its athletes to be Champions ON THE FLOOR, but to carry themselves as
Champions OFF THE FLOOR. ACA athletes are trained to reach THEIR fullest potential, but more so, they
are taught how to work together as a team for a common goal.

It is our goal at ACA to create an atmosphere for athletes to develop lasting friendships, self-confidence, a
strong sense of gym pride and great memories that they will carry forever. The Angels Academies as a company exists to create empowering opportunities for both young people and adults. Whilst encouraging our athletes to ‘Rise Above’ life experiences that appear as challenges.

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