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All of our in-person classes are paused at the moment due to Covid-19. We are currently hoping to return to some form of physical class from 17th May.  We are offering Private classes and purchasable Virtual courses to be studied in the athlete's own time.  Please see below!

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Virtual Courses

Purchasable courses for all ages and levels.  To be completed in the athlete's own time.  Receiving a certificate upon completion.

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Private Classes

Our Coaches are available to conduct Private 1-2-1 or small group classes in an open space or online.  Please contact us with your desired coach or needs. So that we can match you to the best coach for you!


Cheerleading is a SPORT not just an


We train ATHLETES - ACA trains competitive athletes who utilise the elements and skills of traditional tumbling and cheerleading for competition. Please understand that athletes must have proper physical conditioning, mental training and motivation for success in any sport.

ACA requests each athlete to be involved in some type of physical conditioning program and stretching outside of their team practice either at the gym, at home or at school. It is important that parents and students understand our coaching philosophy as these are the key fundamentals to our program and will be
the basis for how we operate, build our teams, and the expectations that we hold our athletes to.

'Perfection before progression'

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